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Financial Aid / Taxes: August 25 deadline for filing complaints for taxpayers and individuals


The General Directorate of Taxation has notified all taxpayers and interested individuals that August 25, 2020 is the deadline for filing complaints for financial assistance for the two packages that the government addressed in support of individuals and businesses in difficulty caused by COVID-19.

In a press release, the Tax Administration states that, “will continue with the process of handling complaints / requests sent by any taxpayer or individual, ensuring the correctness and maximum commitment to the timely and as soon as possible completion of this process within certain deadlines ”.

Taxes have invited all taxpayers to check their e-filing account, to verify the possibility of correcting the bank account data of the beneficiary individuals, for whom this information was entered incorrectly.

According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, about 65 thousand individuals have benefited from the first package, who have received three installments of 26 thousand ALL. The total fund paid for the first package is 5.08 billion ALL.

For the second package (a single payment of 40 thousand ALL) until July 24, they received the assistance of 172 172 dismissed in 47 388 businesses, from 210 thousand which was the total number of expected beneficiaries. Of the total beneficiaries, about 23.4 thousand have received assistance after complaints. The fund paid is ALL 6.9 billion.



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