Non-payment of rents, Rama gives details from the normative act, here is who benefits


 In a direct connection with the show "Opinion", Prime Minister Rama explained the normative act issued by the government to regulate the rent ratio in the period April, May 2020.

Rama explained that the rent of these two months, suspended for certain categories, will be repaid proportionally by the tenants, after May 31, according to an agreement between the tenant and the landlord.

 "All individual tenants, who have a housing contract, before the announcement of the epidemic situation and who have an employment contract and have suspended or terminated as a result of the situation caused by COVID -19, will not pay the rent for 2 months, April and May.

Also, all students who have left the districts will not pay rent for two months, also entrepreneurs, natural or legal persons with incomes up to 14 million per year, who have notarized lease contracts before the epidemic, will not pay the obligation April and May. 

And then, the arrears of these two months will be paid by the tenant proportionally after 31 May 2020, to repay the obligation by the end of the contract.

All tenants who have problems at this point will apply to the tax directorate and the landlord will be punished with a fine of up to 5 times the value of the respective rent.

For those individuals whose rental income has a way of life, there can be a different treatment, Rama added.



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