Environment and environmental problems


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environment or environment, is the totality of circumstances around an organism or group of organisms, especially the combination of external physical - natural conditions that act and affect the growth, development, and survival of organisms. Air, land, river water, lakes, seas and oceans, groundwater and everything that lives and affects humans make up the surrounding environment.

Terms “ environment - environment ”  is originally from French geographical science.

In the Albanian language the term "environment" is considered synonymous with the analogous term based on French, but also widely used in the Anglo-Saxon language.

Nowadays the term environment and above all environmental problems are placed at the top of every conversation and have become the issues of the day.

This comes as a result of the importance that the environment places on our lives and the lifestyle we lead.

The environment is in fact equal to man, without him and without the natural values that the latter offers us we would not exist. The importance that the environment presents is great, but what has commonly happened is the destruction that we ourselves are doing day by day for our own interests and without realizing it, we are at the same time destroying the foundation on which we have built our lives. Nature has forgiven us an extraordinary good, which we have not appreciated until the moment we are seeing the consequences it is leaving behind. Little by little the environment is being destroyed by not allowing us to meet all the requirements we have.

Mass development has shown not only in our country but also in many other countries of the world that indiscriminate and uncontrolled exploitation has led to the degradation and pollution of space.

The environment is the basic element of development, therefore measures will have to be taken to protect it from various pollutants.

Environmental protection must be accompanied by basic needs related to employment, food, energy, access to water, sanitation, etc. It faces difficulties in determining what the needs of current generations are and what the needs of future generations are.

As examples can be mentioned the basic needs for food, housing and transport, etc.

Therefore, we say that the main goal is to protect the surrounding environment and raise public awareness of the irreversible and devastating consequences that await us today and in the future.

Today, the rapid economic development of the world and its civilization, in addition to the great progress they have brought to social and economic life, at the same time has affected the pollution of the environment where we live.
Today, the environment where the activity of the living world takes place, is very polluted with various products and waste, among them the main place is occupied by urban waste, chemical waste, space emissions and various industries that operate, noise and chaos constitute a other pollutants that significantly affect our emotional and psychological state, etc.

All of these indiscriminately damage and destroy plants, animals and even man himself.

The main causes of all these pollutants are ourselves and our activity on it, and even the influence of nature has recently been stronger and harsher, it almost seems as if nature is responding to us for the mass destruction and pollution we have done in it. the entire space of the globe, through global warming, climate change, seasonal disruption, etc. We often even blame the environment, but it is we who are to blame and take responsibility for our mistakes.

Disruption of natural balances necessitates human intervention in the environment.

The world is in our hands, whatever negative phenomenon on earth today comes as a result of our actions on it. But human activity can be at the same time preventative of many problems whether these are current or problems that seem to appear soon, through various measures and projects which will have to adapt to the time, place and environmental problem that will come to us. presented.


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