European Union Mission in Albania launches "Europe is here" initiative


"Europe is here" is the newest communication campaign that the European Union delegation in Tirana launched today.

Ambassador Soreca during the speech for the launch of this new initiative, stressed once again that the European Union is the largest donor in Albania.

"Europe is here", Is the campaign we are starting today. Of course, "Europe is here", because Albania is a European country. But, "Europe is here", because the EU is already present everywhere in the country, improving the lives of Albanians and bringing them closer to EU standards.

"Europe is here" like the 61 EU stars on the Albanian map! '' - said Ambassador Soreca.

"The European Union gives an average of 100 million Euros to Albania every yearThat means $ 1.5 billion - in direct grants - over the last 15 years, covering all possible sectors: fisheries, justice, food security, anti-corruption, customs, agriculture, education and much more.

This makes the European Union the largest donor in Albania.

In the next 6 months, we will give visibility to the positive changes that this financial assistance helps to achieve. From today until December, we will examine how our support for Transport / Infrastructure, Environment and Agriculture has changed the country.

We will end the campaign on December 15, 2020, for 10th anniversary of the decision to give to Albanians visa-free travel to the EU - a date that remains the most important development of the EU for most Albanians.

I invite you now to view a brief presentation of our campaign.

Dear friends,

"Europe is here", because more March 25 This year, the European Union decided to open membership negotiations with Albania.

The relationship between Albania and the European Union changed radically that day. The European Commission has already presented the negotiating framework, which is being discussed with the Member States pending its approval by the Council. Country integration into the EU it is no longer an aspirationIt is happening concretely.

Our financial assistance becomes even more important, as it will support the profound changes that come from membership negotiations.

The economy will have to to be modernized, sectors of activity will need to harmonize with EU standards, their administration will need to be reformed deeply. Albania will not become an EU country on the day of membership; it is already becoming so, through every step that brings it even closer to the values and standards of the European Union.

Our political dialogue with Albania is one side of this process; on the other hand is the incomparable financial support and investment that the EU brings to this country, for a very simple reason: to support a future Member State.

Transparency occupies an important place in EU values and is an important principle of our cooperation with Albania. This is why we created abazë database with completed and ongoing projects, funded by the EU in Albania.

Today we are revealing to the public our website is external). It will be a useful tool for the media, researchers, civil society and citizens to find detailed information on our projects. For each project in this database information on implementing partners, beneficiaries, goals, activities and expected results is provided. ” said Ambassador Soreca



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