Ministry of Health: 6 new cases with COVID-19, the number of those affected reaches 383


In the last 24 hours, 182 suspects were tested, of which 6 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed.
To date, 2753 suspected cases have been tested and of these, 383 cases have been confirmed positively with COVID-19.

The battle with this disease has been lost so far 22 citizens, despite the extraordinary efforts of health personnel.

Over the past 24 hours, another 15 patients have been added to the list of recovered, bringing the number of recovered from COVID-19 to 131.

There are currently 67 patients in the infectious disease service. 5 of them are in intensive care.
In COVID 2 hospital "Shefqet Ndroqi", there are 7 patients hospitalized in total. 6 patients are in intensive care, while 3 patients are intubated.

In the two COVID hospitals 74 patients are currently receiving services. The map of those affected by COVID-19 is expanding in Tirana, Elbasan, Korça.

The geographical distribution of positive cases is as follows:

- Tirana 181 cases
- Durrës 38 cases
- Lushnje 5 cases
- Elbasan 11 rast
- Fier 26 rast
- Kavaja 8 cases
- Mat 4 cases
- Korça 17 cases
- Vlora 5 cases
- Shkodra 44 cases
- Lezha 14 cases
- Berat 2 right
- Has 12 raste
- Kruja 5 cases
-Tropoja 4 cases
- Puke 4 cases
- Mirditë 3 cases

As can be seen, today there is a significant reduction in the number of cases affected by COVID-19 which indicates that the epidemiological investigation and tracing of new cases or their contacts has functioned properly and has been carried out according to established protocols.
The Ministry of Health and Social Protection urges citizens to continue to respect the measures of social distancing. As the latest figures show, where there are cases within the same family, it is important that infection control measures are maximally respected even within family districts, avoiding visits to relatives for any reason to prevent the transmission of COVID. -19.

The Ministry of Health states that if you have signs of COVID19 disease call the emergency number 127. For any questions or information about COVID19 call the green line 0800 40 40.



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