Protection and patenting of "Made in Albania" products, opportunities for enterprises to compete with dignity in larger markets


The protection and patenting of "Made in Albania" products is of great importance, as we not only protect the tradition, but give companies the opportunity to increase quality and compete with dignity in larger markets.

In the conference held by the General Directorate of Industrial Property "Protection of industrial property rights, an important step in the economic development of the country", the Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj stressed the importance of trademark and patent registration.

"Today is a day to appreciate what intellectual property brings to business. business operating in Albania, not only for those who have a license from an international patent, but also those who are building their own patent, the invitation is to take the registration as an added value beyond all the efforts they have made over the years to reached where they are today ", said Denaj.

According to Minister Denaj, businesses have understood the importance of patents and patent certification within the world-recognized legal standards.

"Patent certification makes it easier to sell products and makes the product" Made in Albania "not only have that value in the market, but also increases the prestige of Albania," the minister added.

According to her, a large number of entrepreneurs in the country have already received patents for their products.

"Albanian products protected in the field of handicrafts undoubtedly make us proud and encourage us to design effective protection policies," said Denaj.

One of the entrepreneurs in the country present at the conference, said that the registration of the brand provides convenience not only in the Albanian market, but also abroad.

"I have set myself the goal of preserving the Albanian cultural heritage and I will record and patent these 36 techniques that I have decomposed, so that they are not only registered but also preserved for future generations. ", Said the entrepreneur.
Another entrepreneur said that “we know very well that fake products are present everywhere in the markets, both local and international. "But this brings a lot of damage to any company, so we need a lot of awareness."

While the director of DPPI, Ledina Beqiraj said that in recent years there is a growing trend of patent applications.

Already, she stressed, patent applications are made through the government portal e-albania.

About 7 thousand applications, of which 4,500 marks are for Albanian products, have been submitted to DPPI by Albanian entities.


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