Task Force Meeting, Manastirliu: We have no confirmed case with coronavirus, we are on alert


The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, has gathered the COVID-19 Coronavirus Task Force in the emergency room at Rinas Airport. In her speech, Manastirliu stressed that in Albania there is no confirmed case of coronavirus and invited the media and citizens to refer to official information about the situation.

"It's not the time for panic to take the place of reason. It is time to appreciate and listen to the experts, who are not absent in Albania, who are following the action plan approved by the task force and structures in the Albanian government. I want to invite you as the media to have collaborators as well as the citizens, in a situation that does not require panic, but responsibility, transparency and rationality ", said Minister Manastirliu.

Manastirliu stated that after the confirmation of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Italy, control and monitoring measures against the Coronavirus have been increased at our border crossings and only yesterday 4500 people were monitored coming from the geographical map of places with community outbreaks, determined by WHO.

"We have doubled the measures at the 'Mother Teresa' airport and at the border crossings. "Only yesterday, more than 4,500 passengers were monitored who came from countries with cases of coronavirus, including Italy", said Manastirliu.

Manastirliu also stated that today he signed the order for increased hygienic-sanitary measures in educational institutions, as a very important measure in this situation and appealed to citizens to be careful to respect hygienic-sanitary measures.

Minister Manastirliu responded to the journalists' interest in closing the borders with Italy, saying that decisions will be made based on the degree of danger.

"Depending on the degree of danger, we will take appropriate measures. Albania currently has no cases of coronavirus. Regarding the closure of borders, the risk will be assessed and measures will be determined based on it. At the moment we have doubled the health teams at the border crossings, to have detailed control. Together with the experts, we will take all the necessary measures to preserve the health of the population ", said Manastirliu.

In this situation, Manastirliu appealed for the hearing of experts in the field and the increase of hygienic and sanitary measures. MSHMS in the spirit of transparency will have daily communication with the public, inviting citizens to refer to official information.




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