On the Relationship between Visual Arts and Architecture


By Junilda Karanxha

Architect and Head of office at “Archistudio”

There are three forms of visual art:

-Painting- The art you look at

-Sculpture -Art whose "comes around" to perceive

-Architecture- The art that pervades!

The creative challenge lies in perceiving visual art as something more than a visual entity in architecture. It strongly influences the process of perception of space by the individual, thus taking on a role not only symbolic, but also spatial in architecture!

History tells us that as long as time exists, architecture is almost - almost "instinctively" associated with Art… and not just the visual!

Genesis is the "Creation Process"!

Like the painter, the sculptor, the architect throws the first ideas of his building like quick sketches on paper with the major goal of achieving perfect shape!

But architecture also has its "backbone", TECHNIQUES! 

Creating in architecture requires responsibility and high engineering knowledge as it is the only way through which the art of architecture comes to life. Architecture and design have the inevitable obligation to be utilitarian, a frontier that visual art does not necessarily have. The biggest challenge of architecture and design is that of combining in the best possible way utilitarianism and practice with the boundless ideas of visual art.

On the Relationship between Visual Arts and Architecture 1

So to speak kështu! Artists are those pioneers who constantly seek to break down the barriers of concepts in search of the new.

Architects are the ones who translate these concepts into the living of the everyday (without removing any commas from the artistic spirit of the architect himself)! The range of this inseparable cooperation is quite wide and is measured with several units of measurement: time, dimensions, geographical position, etc. 

Take for example Arch Gaudi and the famous Casa Batllo in Barcelona. Gaud ka has made a perfect, timeless, wonderful fusion in the details of lived architecture and the visual art of sculpture. Each element is both architecturally functional and sculptural from an artistic point of view. "Perfect Marriage" in the style of "Art Nouveau"! 

Fathers of modern architecture such as Frank Gehry with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, for example, or Zaha Hadid with the Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan, are sublime examples of the perfect fusion of art and architecture, the unification of the purpose of architecture to be experienced by the individual. and the purpose of art to open new horizons!

On the Relationship between Visual Arts and Architecture 2

It does not lag behind this cooperation even in the reduced dimensions of, say, interior design, it does not lose its potential at all! A sculpture is exalted to the maximum of its grandeur when exhibited under the backdrop of an interior worthy of it! And the interior respectively, without removing at all the values of its identity and uniqueness, but is completed with the appropriate interventions of visual arts! A sculpture positioned in the right place, a painting leaning against the wall, an installation, a black and white artistic photo do nothing but create the much-needed harmony… and even generate pleasant conversations between friends about their own journey until here. 



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