Over 300 online services from the Ministry of Finance, 600 thousand applications from citizens


The Ministry of Finance and Economy (MFE) offers 380 online services, for which so far about 600 thousand applications have been made by citizens, shortening the waiting list and in full health care during the pandemic.

Pursuant to the mission that the General Directorate of Industrial Property has for the guarantee and protection of Industrial Property rights through the registration of its facilities, as well as the promotion of these rights in the Republic of Albania, from July 15 offers the public the opportunity of online application through the only government portal E-albania.

The General Directorate of Industrial Property offers 154 online services, which already shorten the application time and avoid queues at the reception counter.

Ledina Beqiraj, General Director of Industrial Property, said that all DPPI services will be provided through the E-albania portal, the only government portal that offers all online services to the public.

According to Beqiraj, a novelty from the legal changes is that the patent application fee, this for students and retirees to stimulate innovation, has suffered a reduction from the value that would be 7000 ALL now costs only 100 ALL.

"A very important element to be noted that has already been added to the law on Industrial Property is that the application to be provided with a certificate of protection of industrial property, is that if this certificate will be required electronically , so with an electronic stamp the value will be reduced to 50% ", stressed Beqiraj

The Ministry of Finance and Economy is working to fully monitor the process in parallel with its structures.


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