8 tons of personal protective equipment for doctors arrive, Manastirliu: Protection of medical personnel is our priority


Another 8 tons of personal protective equipment for medical staff have arrived in Albania, financed by the Albanian government in the framework of measures to cope with the situation caused by COVID19.

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, during the inspection at the Tirana customs at the moment of arrival of the load with personal protective equipment, stated that the protection of white shirts is a priority.

"We continue with the ongoing supply of personal protective materials for doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, the structure of the National Emergency everywhere in the country. The protection of doctors, nurses, those who are in the front line of fire, in the fight against COVID-19 has been and will remain a priority ", said Manastirliu.

This new amount of personal protective equipment for medical staff comes after the first two supplies ordered by the Albanian government, of 15 tons, which have arrived earlier in our country.

"There are 8 tons of personal protection materials, starting from clothing, goggles, masks and protective helmets, which will continue to supply our hospitals, will continue to supply the national emergency center, the Institute of Public Health, also all "local health care units and all those structures where personnel face in the battle and on the first front of the fight against COVID-19", said Manastirliu.

Speaking about the new measures, Manastirliu said that the vigilance of the citizens should not be reduced as the war is not over and we should continue to respect the measures set by the government.

"It is already a second phase of the fight against this virus. It is very important that in these moments that will begin a dropping liberation of the masses, to be even more vigilant, from our staffs and teams on the ground to the citizens, starting from the social distancing which at no time should not be neglected, in personal hygiene, in the disinfection of the premises, in all other elements which aim to protect the citizens to face this dangerous virus, which loses its power if the transmission is not allowed " , appealed Manastirliu.


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