Measures against COVID-19 / SSI has conducted a total of 2 463 inspections, fines for 131 entities


The State Health Inspectorate during this period has conducted 2,463 inspections throughout Albania, fining 131 entities.

In a television interview, Vjollca Braho, General Director of the SSI said that "most of the entities have implemented all measures to prevent COVID-19, but 131 entities have not implemented the measures and we have fined them."

"The main focus of the SSI in these days and in the future will be either the new entities that have been opened, or those entities that are defined in the red protocol such as tailors, call centers, facilities that deal with production, processing and distribution of food products, trade of bread, meat and other subjects. We have also checked the health subjects to see the conditions in which COVID works in this situation ", she said.

The main measures, according to Brahos are the disinfection process that is performed twice a day, as well as other measures such as masks, gloves, disinfectants. She also said that the social distance of 2 meters in the workplace should be respected.

"There are 762 fason subjects. We have caught 35 subjects with violations against whom administrative measures have been taken, only in Kruja 6 tailors have been closed because there were infected employees. While a fason is closed as a result of poor hygienic-sanitary conditions. 4 tailors in Gjirokastra also had not taken measures. Then they implemented these measures and the activity was opened. "The distance was not problematic, initially it was left 1 meter and a half and now it is set at 2 meters", she said.

She said that the SSI has its own unit at the Rinas airport, where it controls all passengers entering our country.

"The temperature measurement is monitored, a questionnaire is made and the form is completed for each passenger. From April 18 until today, 1,296 people have been repatriated. Through the police they take buses and take them to designated hotels. "Even in hotels, inspections are done every day for hygienic-sanitary conditions and protective measures", she said. / ATA



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