AntiCOVID / NFA measures carry out 415 inspections throughout the country


The National Food Authority has conducted 415 inspections and monitoring throughout the country.

Inspection bodies of the National Food Authority have conducted to date 415 inspections and monitoring as part of the antiCOVID Task Force.

In any monitoring by the Taskforce is required to implement security protocols, hygiene of the premises, keeping masks indoors, as well as maintaining physical distance in each subject, as the main tools to limit the spread of the virus.

AKU has informed that “in a subject was blocked a quantity of 1036 kg (canned olive) until the output of the sample sent to ISUV. Referring to the Sampling Plan, 47 samples were taken, mainly in milk monitoring and fruits and vegetables. The National Food Authority continues uninterrupted field work in guaranteeing food safety and protection of consumer health.


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