Anti-COVID / Business Opening Measures should be accompanied by the implementation of protocols by businesses and citizens


The opening of businesses should be accompanied by the implementation of protection protocols by COVID-19, by businesses and citizens.

Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy Belinda Ikonomi together with the Director of the State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance today visited several private entities in the capital to talk to citizens and raise business awareness on measures to be taken to protect employees and consumers, in terms of measures against COVID-19

"The use of masks, gloves and maintaining physical distance, are mandatory measures in the implementation of security protocols and is a prerequisite for the continuity and operation of business throughout Albania" - said Ikonomi.

Since the decision of the Ministry of Health was issued with the relevant measures, about 60% of the business has been open, but in the continuation some strict protective measures have been added to protect the health of employees and consumers.

"As part of the Task Force, which was set up by the decision of Prime Minister Edi Rama since April 24, we are continuing to monitor the observance of safeguards by businesses that are at risk but also those at light risk, in addition to awareness and information about the importance of implementing security protocols ", said Ikonomi. / ATA


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