Northern Macedonia / Eurobond issued with a value of 700 million Euros and interest 3.67 %


The Republic of Northern Macedonia issued the seventh Eurobond in the amount of 700 million Euros. The Eurobond term is 6 years, while the interest rate for which it was issued is 3.675%, which is the second lowest interest rate after the Eurobond issued in 2018. This shows the confidence of investors in the Macedonian economy and policies, if it is considered that this Eurobond is given at a time of crisis caused by Covid - 19, the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, where all economies, including world economic forces, enter the international capital market to provide funds for financing the needs arising from the crisis. Emphasized the Ministry of Finance.

Also, the interest of foreign investors for the Macedonian Eurobond was 5 times higher than the value from which it was given. This is another fact, in addition to the favorable interest rate, which shows the good positioning of foreign investors and their confidence in the country. This is related to macroeconomic and financial stability, as well as the commitment and success achieved in recent years in Euro-Atlantic integration.

With the issuance of Eurobonds and loans from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of 176 million euros and loans from the World Bank in the amount of 140 million euros and the European Union of 160 million euros, which are negotiated and safe, the financial construction for needs this year is closed. , respectively the projected deficit at 6.8% from rebalanced GDP, liabilities based on old debts of EUR 705 million. In addition, secure means are provided to deal with eventual recurrence and, depending on the course of events, partial funding of needs for the coming year.



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