Manastirliu: If the cases increase, the measures will be tightened


For the second day in a row, Albania has registered 18 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of those affected to 916. The new cases are in Tirana, Durres, Berat and Kruja.

"In Durrës, 7 cases have been identified in a tailor shop, contacts of a positive case. There are 5 new cases in Berat, 4 cases in Tirana and 2 in Kruja. We inform you that so far about 12 thousand tests have been performed and 900 positive cases have passed since the beginning of the epidemic, while currently there are 180 active people with COVID-19, mainly in Tirana, Kruja, Shkodra, Kamza, Durres and Berat.

77 % of infected are cured, while in the hospital there is a low number of patients in need of intensive care.

"The situation in hospitals is stable with 19 hospitalized citizens, 4 of whom are in intensive care."

The Ministry of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, has warned that if the number of infected continues to increase, isolation measures will be tightened.

"The increase in these figures of new cases is the maximum allowed by our opening scenarios. Further increase would force us to take immediate steps to prevent a second shock wave, which would blow up what has been achieved so far. If we continue with the deteriorating trend of recent days, we will be forced to take steps backwards. "The next few days will be crucial for the reopening plan."

No deaths have been reported in the last three weeks as a result of the coronavirus, and since the beginning of the pandemic 31 people have lost the battle with this virus.Tv Klan




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