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Fishing permit extended to 10 years, capture of cironka is prohibited from April 20 to July 20


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved the amendments to the new Regulation on fisheries aimed at facilitating the development of this sector in our country, in parallel with the protection of fish and the reproduction of fish species in our lakes and seas.

Amendments to the new fisheries regulation have been published in the Official Gazette and provide for a 5-year extension of the validity of marine fishing permits, which are exercised by decks (motorboats or fishing boats), but also without decks.

The validity of the permits was in 5 years, but with the approved changes the validity of the fishing permit will be 10 years and will be automatically renewed upon submission of the relevant request of the owner of the fishing vessel.

Also change the terms of the fishing period in the waters of the lakes of Ohrid, Shkodra and the Adriatic and Ionian. The ban on cironka fishing in Lake Ohrid will be from April 20 to July 20, from April 20 to July 15 as before. While in other water areas the period in which fishing for cironka is prohibited has not changed.

According to the regulation, "in the waters of Lake Ohrid, for 1 month within the period from April 20 to July 20, carp fishing will not be allowed and in other water areas for 1 month within the period from April 1 to July 1".

Under the previous regulation, the carp detention period in Lake Ohrid was from May 20 to June 15, while in other water areas no ban was imposed.

Other changes in this regulation are related to the prohibition of fishing with nets at a distance of 300 m from the shore of Lake Ohrid and Lake Shkodra and 150 m from the shore for other water areas.

In commercial artisanal fishing on the coast, fishing tools (harrows, nicks, traps, hooks, etc.) are thrown / released in the evening, at sunset and raised in the morning, at sunrise, according to the set schedules. It is forbidden to throw any fishing nets up to the isobata of 10 m for the Adriatic Sea and up to the isobata of 20 m for the Ionian Sea "- it is said in the new fishing regulation.



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