Over 12 thousand fast tests are performed, Manastirliu: We increase the testing capacities for early detection of COVID cases


The Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu closely followed the application of rapid testing in the community in the health center no. 10 in Tirana, where he stated that so far over 12 thousand rapid antigen tests have been performed, increasing the testing and tracing capacities.

"Every point opened in Tirana for rapid testing in the community covers about 100,000 residents, who, when they have signs or suspicions, have been part of the contact that resulted positive, contact the family doctor, determine the time band and the test is performed in a very fast and high quality time, as it is trained and professional persons who perform this test. "Only yesterday, with the opening of 6 points, there are more than 300 tests performed, while since the beginning of the rapid testing, there are more than 12 thousand rapid antigen tests that have been performed", declared Manastirliu.

In order to capture cases early and isolate them, Manastirliu stressed the key role of family physicians in this situation, in following up and treating patients and supporting them with the medicines they need.

"The family doctor has the main role in terms of all the follow-up of suspected cases or cases which are confirmed and then have to be followed from the clinical point of view, to be supported with the reimbursement package of drugs that are treated at home, but also for referral for those who seek more specialized services and are sent to our hospital facilities ", said Manastirliu.

The Minister of Health emphasized that depending on the influx, the opening of 4 more points for rapid testing in Tirana will continue, while regional hospitals throughout the country are equipped with rapid antigen tests. Manastirliu stressed that in parallel with rapid testing, the capacity for classical testing with the PCR method is continuing to increase.

On the eve of the end-of-year holidays, the minister re-appealed to citizens not to reduce vigilance and avoid gatherings.

"In this holiday season an appeal for everyone, to limit contacts, to keep the mask, to maintain hygiene and distance, of course celebrating in the small family, hoping that soon we will return to normal," he said. Manastirliu.



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