Kruja / One of the pearls of Albania


Kruja is one of the cities with the brightest and most documented history than all other Albanian cities, which makes it a truly historic "capital". The story of this  the ancient city makes us feel proud every time we visit it.

Undoubtedly it can be called the biggest tourist attraction in Albania, both for foreigners and for us.

Kruja has the premises to be magnificent at all times. It was  capital  in one of the most glorious periods in the history of Albanians, in the period of the National Hero, Skanderbeg. It was  area known since Illyrian antiquity. On its outskirts, just before reaching Kruja, are the ruins of  Albanopolis, Illyrian city, by  which comes from the name Albanians. With this history and the archeological objects that reflect it, the castle, the museum, the characteristic bazaar, the ruins of Albanopolis and the monument of Skanderbeg, etc., Kruja is in the interest of all  Albanians, especially foreign tourists.

In addition to historical values  the position of Kruja, the environment, the mountain, the hills, the fields, the sea create a wonderful panorama to look at, why not to live. Kruja can be  an interesting residence for many visitors who come to Albania for business reasons or for  tourism. The view to be displayed from Kruja, in clear weather, especially  at night, in the light of the moon and stars, it is impressive. You can see the wide field, you can see Rinas airport,  the castle of Preza, that of Petrela and that of Lezha. You can see the Adriatic Sea, Durrës, Porto Romano, Patoku and further Lezha and Shengjini.

It is a miracle. It looks like it flies over vast spaces. Very close to the city of Kruja is the tourist spot of  Stama neck that can be turned into a gem of mountain tourism.

Kruja is also  place of religious pilgrimage. Sarisalltiku Teqe  Bektashi, high on the mountain, is one  holy place visited by thousands of people.

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