Croatia: Representatives of the Croatian Central Bank, Eurostat and the Croatian Bureau of Statistics trilateral meetings on the unification of statistical methodologies according to European standards.


A meeting between the representatives of this bank, the representatives of Eurostat and the Croatian Bureau of Statistics took place this week at the premises of the Central Bank of Croatia. The main topic of the meeting was the emphasis on the cooperation between the Central Bank and the Croatian Bureau of Statistics for the production of official statistics of the Republic of Croatia based on the methodologies of production of European Union statistics and the statistical system for the Central Banks of the Union.

According to the current plan being implemented by the Republic of Croatia to become part of the "Exchange Rate Mechanism II (ERM II)" and the Union banks, among other reforms undertaken, the main ones are the reforms in the field of statistics, which include improving the collection of data, production and dissemination of statistics. Official authorities are expected to improve the availability of data sources and also enable a better level of dissemination of statistics.

Eurostat representatives welcome the proposed improvement measures.

Representatives of Eurostat, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics and the Croatian Central Bank confirmed a very good and effective cooperation between the three institutions and the continuation with the same effectiveness in future projects.




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