WHO Head: Performance, very good in Albania


The representative of the World Health Organization in Albania, Raul Gonzales, says that the pandemic figures show that Albania is in a good situation. As he comments on the performance based on figures, in an interview for TV Klan he rejects the rumors that our country has a higher mortality rate than the countries of the region.

"In the national perspective, these figures are good. We have seen an increase in the first few days, from 5/6 cases in a few days the number started to go to over 20 cases in 24 hours and then they started to have again a decrease of 16 cases per day or even only 6 cases, as happened yesterday. The performance in figures, in this situation in which we are, I would say that it is very good in Albania ".

Why is it said that mortality is high?

"This is not true! The number of dead in Albania is 22, which means 7.3 per 1 million. Greece has 7.6 per 1 million, Slovenia 14, Bosnia 9.4, Serbia 8.7, Northern Macedonia 13, not to mention Spain 297 per 1 million, France 156 or Italy 285. It just is not true. Albania does not have the highest mortality in the region, absolutely not. "I want to congratulate the government for the extreme measures taken, as Albania is curbing the spread of the epidemic." 

But should Albania do more tests in an effort to identify cases, which has turned into a political debate in the country. The representative of the World Health Organization clearly says, No!

WHO head: Performance, very good in Albania 1

"Our recommendation is to test the suspected cases. It was the first recommendation and has not changed. But every country has had to build a policy on testing in relation to the epidemic, certainly given the opportunities that every country has for testing. It is already known by everyone that tests can not be easily purchased in the store. Countries are struggling to secure as many tests as possible. There are different tests and different testing moments. The World Health Organization is working closely with the Albanian government to provide tests directly from our offices with the support of several donors. The Albanian government is aware of the number of tests it has and the way it is using them. They are using them for suspected cases. They are identifying, testing, tracing their contacts, and isolating those who test positive. If a lot, if it is a little or enough, we need to understand how many people have been infected in the country, are we testing all those who have tested positive? Looking at the number of victims or those who are in intensive care, we can say that the figures are very close to reality and that the testing policy undertaken by the government is working. Many countries are buying immunology tests. "But testing The role of mass testing is not to stop the epidemic, but to know how many people can go to work without risk." 

There are reports in various world media about studies that show that countries that have applied the Tuberculosis vaccine, such as Albania, have been less infected with Covid-19. For the WHO, these claims need to be scientifically substantiated.

"We do not have such a study yet. Some people have noticed that countries with higher proportions of people vaccinated with the Tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine have fewer cases, but this should be seen if there is any logical line. "So we do not have a clear study now that this vaccine has the capacity to make people more resistant, and I can not say now that speculation is true or false if the TB vaccine protects against Covid 19."

Various experts think that the virus must have arrived in Albania in January, while many citizens claim that they have passed it, given the symptoms described by the WHO. Mr Gonzales says this will never be learned.

"We do not have this data and this data will never be available."

In the interview for TV Klan, Mr. Gonzales also responds to the accusations that the WHO has given wrong advice on the use of masks or other measures.

Masks should be widely used, he says, and this has been the recommendation from the beginning, but first they should be provided for medical staff, police, army or supermarket employees and then for the population. Tv Klan




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