Donor Conference: A record 1.15 billion euros for reconstruction and the aftermath of the November 26 earthquake.


The donors' conference held today in Brussels has managed to collect a record figure of 1.15 billion euros in donations, projects and loans.

The figure was confirmed by EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Good Neighborhood Oliver Varhelyi.

The European Union and the Council of Europe have decided to support Albania with a fund of 115 million euros.

France has decided to contribute to the assistance of Albania with 100 million euros in the form of projects, in addition to 60 million euros for reconstruction.

Behind it is Italy, which donates a large sum of 65 million euros.

Greece will donate 2.5m euros and pledge to build 200 houses.

The group of Islamic banks will provide loans worth 356 million euros for business recovery. These programs will be determined in accordance with Albania ", said the representative of Islamic Banks. The programs will be for a period of 4 years.

Germany confirmed 11m euros in financial assistance for reconstruction in Albania. This was announced today by Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Sweden will contribute 5.6 million euros, confirmed today the Minister for International Cooperation and Development, Mr. Peter Erikssonmp.

The World Bank offers 160m euros in loans focusing on the housing sector.

The World Bank is currently providing technical assistance for natural disaster law and recovery.

The European Investment Bank will lend 100m euros.

Council of Europe Bank 155 million grants and 100 million euros in loans.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) donated 100m euros for the reconstruction.

Switzerland supports Albania with 9 million euro grants.

Austria contributes 1 million euros.

Romania contributed 2 million lei.

The Netherlands - 3 million euros.

Denmark - 2 million euros.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - 100 thousand marks.

Croatia - 1 million euros.

UNICEF - 500 thousand euros for schools.

Czech Republic - 9.5 million Czech crowns

Poland supports the European perspective of the Western Balkans. Poland expresses solidarity for Albania, and offers 2.7 million euros.

Slovenia gives 250 thousand euros for the reconstruction of schools.

Finland confirmed 300 thousand euros for the reconstruction of Albania.

Bulgaria will offer a assistance of 100 thousand euros.

Hungary will offer 250 thousand euros for the reconstruction of damaged churches.

Montenegro will provide 250 thousand euros.

Serbia will provide 2m euros in grants in support of Albania.

Kosovo will provide an additional support of 200 thousand euros in the form of grants.

Turkey - Total value, including houses 46m euros

The UAE will contribute with the construction of 2000 housing units worth 70 million euros.

Qatar - $ 5 million

Northern Macedonia - 97 thousand euros

Luxembourg -150 thousand euros

Ireland - 300 thousand euros

America - $ 5 million

Japan - 2.1 million euros

Great Britain - 1 million pounds

Azerbaijan - 500 thousand euros

Norway - 26 million Norwegian kroner

Republic of Korea - 300 thousand dollars

Liechtenstein - 50 thousand euros

Algeria - 50 thousand euros




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