Europe's most powerful insurance companies


By Elda Shehu

Insurance industry eise ae nder industrye me te medha ne bote .Keto company se together with the financial ones are listed ne 4th place based ne pepercentage qe ato zene ne GDPe

 (Domestic Productionem Gross) 

Me downe we are giving a list te largest insurance companies in Europe by valuees se assets te their, published by ADV Rating ne 2019 qe ka peworked tdata based ne company publications per closed year me  31.12.2018 . 

Allianz Group, a German company, is the largest insurer in the bote with assets of about $ 1.1 trillion. It is also the largest market capitalization insurance company in Europe. As of July 26, 2019, it had a market value of approximately $ 100 billion. Headquartered in Paris, the French giant AXA is the second largest insurance company in Europe in terms of total assets. The top 10 European insurers include 3 UK companies and two insurers from France and Germany.

RANKINGS company Country Total Assets in US $ Billion According to PFs
1 Allianz Se Germany 1060.82 31.12.2018
2 AXA SA France 1035.07 31.12.2018
3 Prudential plc UK 631.324 31.12.2018
4 Legal & General Group plc UK 618.988 31.12.2018
5 General spa insurance Italy 585.417 31.12.2018
6 Aviva plc UK 531.355 31.12.2018
7 CNP Assurancee SA France 450.621 31.12.2018
8 Aegon NV NETHERLAND 449.513 31.12.2018
9 Zurich Insurance Group AG Switzerland 374.589 31.12.2018
10 Munich Re Germany 309.018 31.12.2018


ae veshort beddinger on the history of ekeits bot companyeRORET

Allianz Group, eise founded on 05.02.1890 in Berlin, by Carl Thieme nje insurance specialist and Wihelm Finck ae banker with ae initial capital of 4 million marks. Me December 12, 1895 enters per here te pare ne burse where the nominal value of ae the stock was 250 marks.

Nga termeti i 1906 ne San Francisco by 3000 vete u vrane and 250,000 remainen te homelessë, where the damages of estimated were 350 mln usd. Alianz was ae by 3 companiese qe pay 250 million usd deme.

The most powerful insurance companies in Europe 1
Businessman touching stock market graph on a virtual screen display.

Ne 1914 punesohen femra per here te pare, qe usually worked as typists or secretaries. Interesting was that they should te linin punen 10 minutes me seen than colleagueeof their males që to do not meet streetesperne isepi.

During the Waresse Ire Boterore premiums fall with 20%.

In 1941, by law from the Nazi regime of the time, Jews were also deprived of jet insurancees.

End of Waresse seconde The world brought ae speerrim te assets te companye and technically she was bankrupt.

After finishing te LUFT-es it starts rimekekeeps it by opening offices even ne states te others.

Ne 1960 50% of premiums perbwhej by motor insurance.

Ne 1970 fale economic development with steps te fast it behet kompania me powerful insurance ne Germany, sorrye even electronic revolutionization te te fenave.

Ne 1973 behet insurer me large ne Europe.

In 1985 the business is transferred to ne Aliaz AG Holding sheepe 2006 Alianz behet multinational company qe operates in 70 countries around the worldes turning ne Alianz SE

On 23.06.1988 behet aneand founder of DAX –Deutche orktien XChang (German scholarship e shares) where they participatee 30 companies me te powerful German and ne  2006 she heads .

Ne 1990 buys Hungarian company, eme pas ne 1991 buys Fireman Fund insurance company which stood out per providing movies where out of 79 movies te nominated per Oscar ne 2009 .49 of them were insured ne Fireman's Fund Insurance

Ne 1997 buy General Insurance of France AGF, qe known as ae from purchases me te megave .This company had extension ne Europe, South America and Asia, with kete capital purchase from 120 billion marks ube ne 600 billion marks.

Ne 1998 Allianz Asset Management is created, shndeshaved ite ne ae by the playeret key te management te ASSET

In 1999 a new logo is created, which includes 3 areas where it operates: insurance, pensions and asset management. Po ne kete year it extends the activity ne Asia.

Today Allianz led by Oliver Bäte is the largest insurer in the world with assets of US $ 1.06 trillion. The company provides property / accident insurance, life / health insurance, asset management, traditional and structured reinsurance and other services. It today has 140,000 employees with an average age of 40 from 67 different nationalities, of which 51% are female. It serves almost 90 million customers in 70 countries. As of December 31, 2018, Allianz reported gross written premiums of € 78 billion. 

It has 548,122 shareholders worldwide, of which 538,960 are individuals holding 18.6% of shares and 9162 are entities holding 81.4% of shares which in total are 424,459,661 shares worth 1,169,920,000 euros.

Meanwhile, Ping An Insurance, based in Beijing, China, is the second largest asset insurance company in the world and the largest by market capitalization (US $ 208 billion as of June 2019.)

The insurance industry is growing at a rapid pace, offering us an increasingly complex insurance portfolio.


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