"Air Code" according to international standards / Balluku: An important document for a growing industry in our country


The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, said today that the changes in the Albanian "Air Code" according to international standards, constitute an important document for a growing industry in our country, such as the air sector.

During her speech in the Assembly, on the draft law on "Air Code", Balluku said that, since its inception, the aviation industry has been regulated according to international regimes, due to the risks associated with the operations of an aircraft. Today this sector is under constant pressure due to the globalization and liberalization of this industry in recent years.

According to her, the increase of air transport activity and the development of technology in terms of aircraft but also infrastructure, has prompted frequent regulatory changes in EU countries and beyond.

In 2018, the European Union has adopted a new regulation for the Civil Aviation Authority, on the challenges of flight safety for the next 10-15 years. The Civil Aviation Authority with the ratification of the multilateral agreement and in the framework of the state commitment to make Albania part of the EU, is taking measures for the relevant legal changes according to international standards, said the Minister.

Balluku pointed out that the last changes in this code took place in 2011 and given that, he said, the evolution of European legislation during this period, these changes are more than necessary today.

"Some standards have been adopted through some bylaws, but there are issues that require legal changes. The draft law on the Air Code that we propose today for approval is complete, updated and with the latest changes in the European regulatory framework and enriched with the missing provisions so far.

"Some of the novelties of this draft law are the clarification of the relations between the Entities that provide services in the field of civil aviation and that will apply this law exactly recommended in points 2 of article 6. During the pandemic we have clearly seen that a adjustment or an exemption permit as in the case of licenses which have time limits for working hours developed by pilots or air traffic controllers and we had to intervene due to the pandemic as the volume of traffic was significantly reduced . So the possibility of allowing exclusion is a very important point that finds accommodation in this code "- declared Balluku.

SP MP Eglantina Gjermeni said that the Albanian legislation in air transport is mainly in line with EU legislation.

"Given the dynamics of changes in European air transport legislation and recommendations of international bodies for civil aircraft, the need arose to update legislation in this area while meeting the obligations for Albania in the framework of European integration," she said.

Germany also said that “the main innovations of this Air Code are; fills in the gaps identified by audits of International Civil Aviation Organizations. Enables the Civil Aviation Authority as the supervisory institution for Civil Aviation in Albania to perform its functions, clarifies the obligations of the aviation industry in order to guarantee flight safety, formalizes between different institutions, sanctions the concept of flexible use of airspace which should to be implemented in three levels of airspace management ”./ ATS /



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