Impact of private investment / In 6 months energy production increased to 2.7 million mwh


Electricity production in the country increased to about 2.7 million mwh in the first six months of this year, from all generating sources, as power generation from private hydropower plants and photovoltaic parks dominated.

The Energy Regulatory Authority, published in the report on the latest data in the energy sector, according to which, public hydropower plants in the Drin River Cascade produced about 1.31 million mwh of energy, or about 48% of the total energy generated.

According to the data reported by ERRE, during March of this year, the production and hydropower plant of Moglica started, which generated for the 4-month period 52.7 mwh of energy or 2% of the total.

Meanwhile, investments in private hydropower plants contributed 52% to the country's total electricity generation.


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