Penalties for non-payment of advance installments of Profit Tax are removed


The Ministry of Finance and Economy, within the measures taken by the Albanian government to facilitate the economic activity of private entities, notifies all entrepreneurs and businesses instead that the Tax Administration will cancel the fines imposed due to non-payment in advance of the previous installments. Profit tax for the first quarter of 2020, reflected in the period of the state of natural disaster, in accordance with the decision of the government "On the declaration of the state of natural disaster", as amended.

All entities that have received a penalty for non-payment of Profit Tax installments on time and have paid it will be able to use this amount for subsequent tax liabilities.

The Tax Administration will continue to implement the procedures to notify taxpayers on their e-Filing electronic filing account.

Also, the appeal structure at the Ministry of Finance and Economy will deal in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, for situations of natural disaster and other fines for declaration and late payment of other tax liabilities by taxpayers.

MFE remains committed to supporting business in overcoming this difficult pandemic period as quickly as possible in order to recover the economy.



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