Hermès - A story of pride and luxury 


Hermès is today one of the world's most famous brands producing high fashion luxury goods, founded in 1837. Specializing in leather, accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches and clothing the brand over the years is turned into one of the most powerful firms standing at the top of the pyramid of elite brands.

Its founder, Thierry Hermès was born in Krefeld, Germany, to a French father and a German mother. The family moved to France in 1828. In 1837, Hermès organized for the first time a harness parade in the Grands Boulevards district of Paris, dedicated to the service of European nobles. It would be this moment that would coincide with the birth of one of the most important brands of recent centuries. After that Hermès created high quality harnesses and saddles for the cart trade, grabbing a range of local awards in those years as well.

Hermès - A story of pride and luxury 1

Revolution Hermès 

In 1918, Hermès introduced the first single-chain leather golf jacket, made for the Prince of Wales, Edward.

Throughout the 1920s when the firm's general manager was ilemile-Maurice, he added accessories and clothing collections, giving another dimension to the nature of the brand's products.

In 1924, Hermès established a headquarters in the United States and opened two stores outside Paris. In 1929, the first women’s clothing collection was introduced in Paris.

In 1949, the first perfume, "Eau d'Hermès" was produced.

Hermès - A story of pride and luxury 2

In the mid-1930s, Hermès together with Universal Genève produced a line of watch chronographs for men and women (produced in 18K gold or stainless steel, as well as platinum).

The perfume business was added as a branch to the brand in 1961, at the same time as the introduction of the Calèche fragrance, named after a four-wheeled horse cart, known since the 18th century, which is also the logo. of the company Hermès since the 50 ''. 

After these years the company would further invest in clothing, in the production of high fashion, becoming influential and inspiring, leading and anticipating the fashion trends of the time. 


Luxury products

Known for luxury goods, since 2008, Hermès has about 14 product subdivisions that include: leather goods, scarves, ties, men's and women's clothing, perfumes, watches, stationery, shoes, gloves, kitchen sets, arts decorative, various ornaments and jewelry. 

Hermès - A story of pride and luxury 3

In the Hermès sales report about 30% are leather products, 15% clothes, 12% sweatshirts and 43% other products. 

The firm is very attached to its traditional business model and rejects mass production, assembly lines and mechanization. Hermès goods are almost entirely produced in France.



Hermès is known for its handmade bags. One of them may take 18 to 24 hours to produce. For example, building each Kelly bag takes 18 hours to complete. It should be noted that Hermès skins come from all over the world and are of absolute quality. Consumers can currently wait from six months to a year for the delivery of one of the bags. Coincidentally, if Hermès leather goods require repair, the owners can bring an item to any Hermès store and it will be shipped to Les Ateliers Hermès in Pantin for repair.

Hermès - A story of pride and luxury 4

Another famous Hermes bag, "Birkin", was christened with this name after the English actress Jane Birkin. After a casual meeting with Jean-Louis Dumas (the then director), she complained that her "Kelly" bag was not practical for everyday use. As a result, he invited her to France, where they co-designed the bag in 1984. The Birkin has since become perhaps the most famous and expensive bag in the world.


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