GERMANY - Lagarde: Leading women have better managed the COVID-19 crisis


European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde stressed that female political leaders had managed the coronavirus crisis better in their respective countries than their male counterparts.

"It's very attractive, in fact, when you look at these women-led countries, the path they have taken, the policies they have adopted and the communication style they have used has been quite amazing," Lagarde confirmed in an interview with Washington. Post ”.

"I have learned that women tend to do a better job," she added.

Lagarde took for example German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country, with over 9,000 dead, has been one of the least affected in Europe by COVID-19 and where the crisis was effectively managed.

"Merkel shared very transparently the data figures, the victims, the degree of contamination. "And it soon became a kind of common language allowing people to understand the scientific elements even though restrictive measures were needed such as wearing masks, restricting and respecting social distancing," she said.

And to add about Germany seems to have worked well compared to other European countries.

She also praised the management of the leaders of Taiwan and its president, Tsai Ing-wen, of New Zealand with its prime minister Jacinda Ardern and of Belgium with its prime minister Sophie Wilmes, who communicated "well" during the crisis.

"To lead is to inspire. It is about being responsible with others. "I think the dimension of kindness is something they have managed to express well," Lagarde added.



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