State guarantee for agribusiness / Expansion and increase of the quality of the brand "Made in Albania" in international markets


The Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj stated today that the focus of the government continues to remain support for Albanian producers, through financial schemes, in order to expand and increase the quality of the brand "Made in Albania" in international markets.

Denaj continued today her tour of business meetings in Gjirokastra, in the company "Gjirofarma" financed with loans from the banking system with about 2.5 million euros, enabled by the state guarantee scheme for the agribusiness sector.

"Thanks to this support, the company has invested in increasing the processing capacity of milk and its by-products, but also in opening a new meat processing line," said Denaj.

The Minister said that grants to farmers exist.

"We have made a package with the Rural Development Agency (ARDA) and we will present it very soon. We thought that clusters or groups are a success story, although in small numbers ", said Denaj.

The representative of the company "Gjirofarma" asked the government to create mechanisms that would facilitate their export to European markets.

"If there was a good coordination of farmer financing and markets, the capacity of Albanian manufacturing enterprises would be doubled"


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