Influx of tourists from Kosovo to the Albanian coast


Thousands of cars and thousands of citizens flooded this weekend from Kosovo to the Albanian coast.

The mayor of Kukës, Zenel Kuçana It was stated in a use interview that the number of tourists in Morina has doubled compared to a week ago.

Prefect Kuçana said that "the Morina customs in Kukës is working with an accelerated procedure and until 10:45 today 2200 vehicles and 8500 passengers have passed".

He added that "the structures of the State Police and the local police have taken all measures to facilitate the movement of citizens coming from Kosovo to Albania, while the number continues to grow."

The influx of passengers is the highest since the pandemic situation, as confirmed by the Prefect of Kukes Kuçana, the number of vehicles and tourists passing through Morina has doubled.

Holidaymakers from Kosovo mainly choose the beach of Shengjin, Velipoja, but also Durrës on weekends to spend their holidays.


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