The new labeling of food products starts on July 19 / AKU informs businesses about the elements that are added


The National Food Authority (NFA), in compliance with the requirements of the legislation, in order to increase food security in the country, reminds the attention of all food business operators (OBU) that on July 19, 2020 enters into force the new decision of government “On food labeling and consumer information”.

AKU has addressed an informative letter to all food business operators through various Chambers of Commerce and Associations that represent the interests of entities that produce, package and trade food products.

Food labeling and consumer information is a very important component of protecting the interests of consumers, is the identification and evaluation of food products offered for consumption, from the point of view of its quality and safety criteria.

According to this decision, every food business operator (OBU), which is responsible for the labeling of food products, notifies the label for each food product at the Regional Directorates of AKU, where it operates.

The decision sanctions the mandatory requirements that must be contained in the label of a food product, such as: Name of the food product; List of ingredients.

While two mandatory indicators for declaration on the label are "allergenic substances / ingredients" and "average nutritional values", which have not previously been mandatory elements for declaration on the label. The note on the energy value is also added; the amount of fats, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, vitamins and salt.

AKU clarifies that, mandatory food information is marked in a distinct place, in such a way that it is easily visible, clearly legible and not deleted.

"The food business operator is responsible for the food information stated on the label, and guarantees the presence and accuracy of the food information in accordance with this decision. AKU will monitor the progress of this process "- AKU states in its announcement. / ATA



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