The American Chamber of Commerce recommends a plan of action in support of businesses affected by the effects of the global Covid / 19 pandemic


The American Chamber of Commerce has requested through a press release the creation of an emergency action plan in support of its member companies and the entire business community in the context of the situation created by the global pandemic COVID / 19.

Full statement:

The American Chamber of Commerce is following with great concern the challenges posed by the global pandemic of COVID - 19 and offers its support to prevent, control and mitigate the consequences of this epidemic.

AmCham has praised the measures taken by the Albanian government to minimize the spread of the virus and efforts to save lives affected by the virus. Many of the businesses that are supporting social distance have begun to feel the impact of the emergency measures. We encourage the Albanian government to develop in parallel an emergency plan to support the business community to prevent a deep economic crisis that could erode the country's sound economic base.

We are in this situation together and we must all work together to identify the design of the best solutions in order to minimize the long-term negative effects on the business community and more broadly on the country's economy.

AmCham with the full support of its member companies and the entire business community offers everything at its disposal to address the challenges of the coming months. While supporting the actions taken by the Albanian government, which have disrupted business activity throughout the country, AmCham offers to assist the Albanian government in identifying measures that will ease the burden on businesses in these difficult times for them.

These are not ordinary times for business. Government policies must be oriented in accordance with the extraordinary situations in which we are living. We believe that our recommendations will help all businesses that are financially damaged by relieving them of mandatory financial obligations in normal time. We recommend a plan of action as follows:

  • Request for extension of the legal deadline for:
  1. Deposit of financial statements
  2. Income Tax Return and Payment Form, as well as;
  3. Annual notification for controlled transactions
  • Elimination of fiscal obligations for at least three months, and for businesses in the tourism sector six months
  • Creating an emergency fund that will enable access to capital (through soft loans and grants) so that businesses can withstand the negative effect of this period



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