The American Chamber of Commerce organizes the round table with representatives of the Chamber and the Director of Taxes Ibrahimaj.


The new tax audit methodology, which is being adapted according to regional and European standards, brings together at a round table representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Tax Director Delina Ibrahimaj.

 The President of the American Chamber, Enio Jaço, stated that the time has come to create regional tax policies, to be interesting and encouraging for foreign investors as well.

"We are ready to cooperate on tax laws," said Jaço, who has previously emphasized the fact that Albania is less competitive in the field of foreign investment in relation to the region.

The Director of Taxes, Delina Ibrahimaj, said that “we consider cooperation with business very important, as it helps us to improve our work. The Tax Strategy aims to reduce informality, avoid evasion and increase voluntary declaration. In cooperation with Finance we are drafting a 5-year medium-term strategy and this requires consultation with business.

"We call on the Finance Ministry to prepare the reform of the law on income tax. Taxpayers, who are employees, carry the biggest burden, said Alketa Uruçi, chairwoman of the tax committee at AmCham.

An early concern for Uruç, which still worries members of the American Chamber of Commerce, is the VAT refund. According to her, the deadlines 30 days after the request are still not respected and she gave an alternative that when the reimbursement is delayed, the business will be allowed to use it for the settlement of obligations.




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