Denaj: To consume "Made in Albania"


The Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj in the direct communications tour stopped in one of the hotel-tourism businesses supported by "Sovereign Guarantee 1" approved for 32 employees, in Durrës.

According to business representatives, it was a difficult situation, but government financial assistance to pay employees was very important.

"It gave us a breath of three months, it helped keep the structures afloat. With the guarantee fund I say that we succeeded "declared the business representative.

He also announced that all his employees have received "war salary".

Minister Denaj appealed to all Albanians to show solidarity to support this sector.

"We are talking lately about what patriotic tourism is. And patriotic tourism means how Albanians in Albania, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and beyond spend more in restaurants and hotels in the country, in what is "Made in Albania". As a need to turn this moment into a moment of solidarity, it is also a request of all businesses in this sector, to make a solidarity approach to this tourism, which in many respects has increased the quality of service and must prove which manages even in these difficult conditions ", said the minister.


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