Denaj: Institutional cooperation to intensify the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing


The Minister of Economy and Finance, Anila Denaj said today “beyond the commitment that the government and all other law enforcement institutions have taken over the years in the fight against money laundering, evasion, terrorist financing, we in 2019 beyond an evaluation of the measures taken were evaluated positive for the technical side from the technical team of Manival, but we were not evaluated positively for the results ".

In her speech during the signing of the memorandum of cooperation "To increase the effectiveness of investigations related to money laundering, terrorist financing, financial crimes and sequestration and confiscation of criminal assets, in order to meet the recommendations of the SAC and FATF and the ICRG / FATF Action Plan ”together with the Minister of Interior Sander Lleshaj and the General Prosecutor, Olsian Çela, Denaj said that“ the expectations for the effectiveness of the measures are mainly related to the results ”.

"So all the efforts we make as institutions, if finally there is no concrete tangible result, international institutions will not give that expected assessment for international organizations, but also for institutions in our country," said Denaj.

In fact, she continued, last year some laws were changed and I want to stay a little in relation to the work done in relation to the FATF or the Manival evaluation, because it is a continuous effort of the Albanian government to get out of the gray list or evaluation increased oversight within an optimal time, as other countries have done.

"In this context, this agreement takes on a special importance because the way we organize after an evaluation is more important than the evaluation itself. "If we manage to get out of this assessment for an optimal period, we will certainly achieve that goal set by all institutions", - underlined Denaj.

Minister Denaj said that “in terms of the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance specifically in relation to the FATF I would like to emphasize two important elements, first the regulatory and legal framework are at least four laws that were amended last year in parliament and a new law on international sanctions related to weapons of mass destruction ”.

"Meanwhile, measures have been taken within the action plan related to two important elements, firstly with the basic registers, which one specifically relates to the beneficial owners of legal entities, the legislation for which is currently in the approval phase in the decisions of the Council of "Ministers today and immediately to move to the accelerated parliamentary session and the national register of accounts", - said Denaj.

Minister Denaj said that “we have undertaken for a year together with the tax administration a law no less important to fight informality, that of fiscalization that needs to be consulted and understood more widely by all actors, mainly businesses, but of course it is a law that in the field of its implementation requires time "/ ATSH /




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