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COVID19 / Ministry of Health: 55 recovered, 132 new cases and 4 loss of life in the last 24 hours


The situation in hospitals today continues to be stable. Currently, 173 patients are being treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital and "Shefqet Ndroqi", 15 in intensive therapy, of which 6 patients are intubated.

In the last 24 hours, a 66-year-old from Kukës, a 69-year-old from Kurbin, a 70-year-old from Elbasan and a 72-year-old from Tirana lost the battle with COVID / 19.

817 tests have been performed in the last 24 hours and 132 cases have been confirmed.

The daily cases identified as a result of epidemiological tracing, testing and investigation are as follows:

24 cases in Tirana, 15 in Gjirokastra, 10 cases in Korca, Elbasan, 8 cases in Kruja, Lezha, 7 cases in Shkodra, Durres, 6 cases in Kukes, Berat, 5 cases in Dibra, Malësi e Madhe , from 3 cases in Has, Pustec, from 2 cases in Kavaja, Puka, Tropoja, Pogradec, Bulqiza, from 1 case in Lushnje, Vlora, Kamza, Mat, Maliq.

55 citizens have recovered in the last 24 hours, bringing it to 6788 since the beginning of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare reminds you not to neglect the signs of the disease and in any case contact the national emergency number 127 when you suspect you are affected by Sars-Cov2.

Stay in touch with your family doctor and for any safe information about coronavirus, call the green line 0800 40 40 made available by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.


COVID-19 - Statistics (17 September 2020)

Total testing 77217

Positive cases 11948

Cured cases 6788

Active Cases 4813

Life loss 347 (Tirana District 166, Durrës 45, Shkodër 39, Elbasan 22, Fier 18, Korçë 15, Lezhë 14, Kukës 9, Dibër 7, Vlora 6, Gjirokastër 4, Berat 2).

Geographical distribution of active cases by regions:

Tirana 2380

Durrës 533

Shkodër 373

Lezha 278

Elbasan 264

Korça 225

Fier 213

Vlora 182

Kukës 144

Berat 99

Gjirokastra 63

Dibër 59




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