COVID / 19: WHO / Next Critical Week for Europe


The head of the WHO for Europe, Hans Kluge, in an online statement called on the member states of the Union to show solidarity and work closely to pull the continent out of this storm.

Commenting on the easing of measures being taken by some member states such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, etc., Kluge called for caution, considering this stage as too vague and complex about the consequences it could bring.

"Europe is at the center of the COVID-19 pandemic storm and next week is the most critical phase for the continent"Stressed Mr. Kluge.

The European Union counts about 1 million affected, half the total of the entire globe. While the total number of victims has reached over 84 thousand.

The most affected countries remain Spain and Italy where the pandemic is under control. In Spain there were 551 victims, 28 more than yesterday, but still a stable figure.

Even in Italy, the figures show a steady increase in casualties and those affected, as the number of new infections has dropped in recent days.

The United States has the highest number of affected and victims as a single country.

The UK today had 861 deaths bringing the total death toll to 13,729. Today, the incumbent Prime Minister Mr. Dominic Raab, who replaces Boris Johnson after his infection with COVID / 19, confirmed that the quarantine will last another three weeks so that more people are not endangered.

The entire globe counts over 2 million affected since the onset of the pandemic.


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