COVID-19 / Ministry of Health: 6 new cases, goes to 1143 number of affected


In the last 24 hours, 102 tests were performed in the Laboratory of Virology at the Institute of Public Health, of which 6 positive cases were confirmed, respectively 4 in Tirana (of which one health staff), 1 case in Durrës, and 1 in Mat.
Positive identifications for Covid19 in the last 24 hours are new contacts and cases for which an epidemiological investigation is underway.
Currently 28 affected are being treated in the infectious hospital, of which 3 are in intensive therapy, one of them is intubated.
In the last 24 hours, 5 citizens have been healed, bringing to 877 the number of healed.
Since the beginning of the epidemic, over 16,000 molecular and serological tests have been performed. Since the beginning of the epidemic there are 1143 confirmed cases. There are currently 233 active persons with COVID19, mainly in Tirana, Durres and Kruja.

From today will begin the greatest relief of measures since the beginning of the epidemic, with the removal of all restrictions on movement, with the opening of land borders and a series of other activities.

COVID-19 - Statistics (1 June 2020)

Total tests 16277
Molecular testing 14825
Serological testing 1452
Positive cases 1143
Cured cases 877
Active Cases 233
Loss of life 33 (Tirana District 20, Durrës 6, Fier 3, Vlora 1, Shkodër 2, Kukës 1)

The geographical distribution of active cases is as follows:
Tirana 147
Durrës 28
Kruja 17
Shkodër 10
Kamëz 10
Mat 9
Lushnje 6
Berat 2
Fier 2
Korça 1
Librazhd 1


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