COVID-19 / Ministry of Health: 31 new cases and 33 cured in the last 24 hours


The Ministry of Health and Social Protection starts today's communication with a call for awareness for the entire population, to be more careful about our health and that of our relatives towards Covid19, to respect the physical distance of not less than 1.5 m, where there is no it is possible to observe the use of medical masks, to avoid mass gatherings, in festive, mortuary, religious ceremonies, to avoid contact, to give hands and hugs, to observe respiratory hygiene, coughing and sneezing to be performed in the corner of the elbow and all measures should be combined with hand washing hygiene. It is very important that in this fight against Covid 19 we are all together !!
Tests in the Virology Laboratory at the IPH continued, active investigation and tracing of cases in the field. During the last 24 hours, 300 tests were performed on suspects affected by Covid19, of which 31 positive cases were confirmed, most of them family contacts of confirmed positive cases, but there are some new cases under investigation in Elbasan, Vlora. , Shkodra and Tirana.
The distribution of new cases is as follows: 8 cases in Tirana, 6 in Puka, 5 in Shkodra, 5 in Vlora, 2 cases in Durres, Kruja, Elbasan, and 1 case in Lushnje.
The good news is that over the last 24 hours the number of people cured is higher than those affected by Covid19. 33 citizens have been cured.
But despite the efforts of doctors, one patient could not win the battle with Covid19. In the last 24 hours, a 71-year-old patient from Durrës, who has been hospitalized for more than two weeks, has died in the infectious hospital.
Currently 48 patients are receiving service in the infectious hospital, 7 of them are in intensive therapy.

In our country there are currently 346 active persons with COVID19, mainly in Tirana, Shkodra, Kruja where there are community broadcasts.
The Ministry of Health and Social Protection invites you once again to be careful to respect the rules and not to lower your vigilance at any time.
If you have signs of illness call the National Emergency number 127 and the green line 0800 40 40 for psychological counseling or any information about Covid19.

COVID-19 - Statistics (12 June 2020)

Total testing 19862
Positive cases 1416
Cured cases 1034
Active Cases 346
Loss of life 36 (Tirana District 21, Durrës 7, Fier 4, Vlora 1, Shkodra 2, Kukës 1)

The geographical distribution of active cases is as follows:

Tirana 199
Shkodër 45
Kruja 32
Kamëz 23
Durrës 15
Puke 7
Lushnje 6
Vlora 6
Elbasan 3
Mat 2
Tropoja 2
Korça 1
Librazhd 1
Mallakastër 1
Lezha 1
Berat 1
Vajgurore Bridge 1



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