COVID-19 / Ministry of Health: 24 new cases, the number of those affected reaches 518


During yesterday, according to official information from the Ministry of Health, 269 people suspected of COVID-19 were tested, among them 53 are health personnel.

The test results confirmed 24 positive cases of COVID19, of which 6 are health personnel.

Of the new cases, 12 belong to Shkodra, and 3 cases to Tirana, 3 cases to Kukës, 3 cases to Fier, 1 case to Korça, 1 case to Kavaja, and Mallakastra is added to the map with 1 case.

To date, 4827 suspected cases have been tested and of these, 518 cases have been confirmed positively with COVID-19.

A 64-year-old patient from Tirana, intubated for more than 2 weeks, passed away this morning. Hospitalized in "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital, the patient's health condition has deteriorated this morning and she has made a cardio-respiratory arrest. Despite the efforts of the resuscitation medical staff he could not survive. The 64-year-old had several concomitant diseases.

To date, 26 citizens have lost the battle with the disease despite the efforts of medical staff.

Over the past 24 hours, 26 more patients have been added to the list of cured, bringing the number of cured from COVID-19 to 277.

There are currently 34 patients in the infectious disease service. 5 patients are in intensive care.

In COVID 2 hospital "Shefqet Ndroqi", there are 9 patients hospitalized. 5 patients are in intensive care, while 3 of them are intubated.

43 patients are currently receiving services in the two COVID hospitals.

The map of those affected by COVID-19 extends to Mallakaster and expands to Tirana, Kukës, Fier, Kavaja, Shkodër and Korçë.

The geographical distribution of positive cases is as follows:

- Tirana 241 cases

- Durrës 42 cases

- Lushnje 6 cases

- Elbasan 16 raste

- Fier 35 raste

- Kavaja 9 cases

- Mat 4 cases

- Korça 19 cases

- Vlora 5 cases

- Shkodër 83 cases

- Lezha 14 cases

- Berat 2 right

- Has 13 raste

- Kruja 7 cases

-Tropoja 4 cases

- Puke 5 cases

- Mirditë 3 cases

- Kukës 9 cases

-Mallakastër 1 case




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