COVID-19 / Ministry of Health: 12 new cases, the number of those affected reaches 832


During the last 24 hours, 12 new positive cases have been identified from the testing of 255 persons suspected of being carriers of this infection or sick. Most of them are contacts of previously confirmed cases and found by the epidemiological investigation.
Today's positive cases are distributed as follows: In Fier 3 affected, 3 in Kruja, 3 in Kamza, 2 in Shkodra and 1 case in Tirana.
With the increase of today's cases, the number of those affected by Covid-19 goes to 832.
Of these, 595 people have already recovered and 206 people continue to be active.

In the two COVID hospitals, in the infectious hospital and the hospital "Shefqet Ndroqi", currently 36 patients are hospitalized and only 8 of them are in intensive therapy.
The rest are being followed up by the family doctor or are asymptomatic.
The epidemiological situation of Sars Cov 2 infection and Covid 19 disease in Albania is being closely monitored by all health structures. Especially in this situation of easing the measures, vigilance has been increased for the tracing, testing and timely identification of suspected cases with COVID19 as well as their contacts, so that the situation continues to be kept under control. It is said in the statement of the Ministry of Health .
It is also emphasized that citizens should not neglect the signs of COVID19 and immediately call the national emergency 127 if they suspect that they are affected by this virus.
To contact your family doctor, for questions about COVID19, for psychological counseling in case of signs of anxiety or other concerns, call the green line 0800 40-40.

COVID-19 - Statistics (6 May 2020)

Tests performed 9531
Positive cases 832
Cured cases 595
Active Cases 206
Loss of life 31 (Tirana District 18, Durrës 6, Fier 3, Vlora 1, Shkodër 2, Kukës 1)

The geographical distribution of active cases is as follows:
Tirana 98
Kruja 69
Shkodër 16
Kamëz 6
Kurbin 4
Elbasan 3
Fier 3
Mirditë 2
Berat 2
Durrës 1
Korça 1
Lezha 1



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