The ECB will issue digital Euros


The European Central Bank is preparing to issue a digital Euro.

The Governing Council has not yet made a decision and will open a public consultation to discuss with citizens, academia, financial and public authorities.

The ECB published an in-depth report on the possible issue of a digital Euro which would complement the money without replacing it and the Eurosystem will continue to make money 'in any case.

For ECB President Christine Lagarde, “European citizens are increasingly using digital technology at their own expense, saving and investing. Our role is to maintain confidence in the currency, while also ensuring that the Euro is ready to face the digital age. "We have to be prepared until the release of a digital euro if necessary."

"The introduction of a digital euro would support Europe 's drive towards continuous innovation, also contributing to its financial sovereignty and strengthening the euro' s international role," said Fabio Panetta, a member of the European Central Bank 's Executive Committee.



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