The EU approves the German proposal for the rule of law


A measure proposed by Germany, which conditions the allocation of European funds in compliance with the rule of law, the first in the EU, was approved today by representatives of member states, despite the opposition of seven countries, with Hungary at the helm.

The text proposed by Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, provides for the reduction or suspension of funds in the event that violations by a member state of the principles of the rule of law directly affect the sound financial management of the budget. EU or in protecting the financial interests of the European Union.

"This text was approved by an overwhelming majority," according to a spokesman for the German presidency, despite a highly polarized debate.

This mechanism should already be the subject of negotiations with the European Parliament to be integrated in the multi-annual budget framework 2021-2027, still under negotiations between the states, MEPs and the Commission.

This budget must be approved by MEPs, who demand a strong and discouraging rule of law mechanism, as well as by the 27 countries unanimously.

The principle of conditionality for the rule of law was enshrined in the € 750 billion postCOVID-19 recovery plan agreement approved by the 27 countries in July.


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