Basha public message to doctors and citizens about the coronavirus: It is not time for panic, but for care


Lulzim Basha, addressed a message to all Albanian doctors and nurses, to ask for everything they need to face the situation with coronavirus, where two cases have already been confirmed in Albania.

Full response: 

"Dear doctors and nurses.

The health of Albanians is in your hands. People’s eyes, ears and minds, like never before, are focused on you.

Therefore, today we are all in your support to implement the measures and decisions you suggest and decide.

You should not hesitate for a moment to ask what you need to accomplish your mission. Governments come and go, those who will remain are you, those in charge of the lives of each of us, are you.

We have one of the most specialized medical staffs to deal with any situation and what we need to give you today are the necessary medical tools and funds to cope with this condition successfully.

We all need to hear your voice. The more you talk, the calmer the citizens will be.

Dear fellow citizens!

Today we must be aware and responsible for every action we take.

Listen carefully to the doctors' advice and apply it.

All of you who come from Northern Italy, but also other areas affected by coronavirus, go for examinations, if you have flu symptoms and avoid contact with citizens and relatives for a period of 2 weeks. Special care should be taken for the elderly.

Today is not the time for panic, but for maximum care.

The more careful we are today, the easier it will be to get through this situation and with minimal consequences.

We will be following the situation step by step. Our health experts and specialists will be at the service of every citizen for any additional information they may have.

Two weeks ago, from this rostrum, I called on the government to take measures to prepare for coping with the situation.

  1. Sufficient funds
  2. Maximum mobilization
  3. Transparent

These are three important policy components for which no time should be wasted.

I want to assure you that we will continue to follow the situation step by step. Our health experts and specialists will be at the service of everyone, while the crisis group, set up next to the DP, together with the opposition experts, will continue to monitor and do everything in our ability, capacity and power to be as close to the people as possible and to overcome this situation with the easiest consequences. ”



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