Basha with the leaders of tourism associations: PD, with priorities supported by fiscal policy


"We will impose the flat tax 9 % and will remove the tax on fuel", said the chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha, who held a meeting with the leaders of tourism and hotel associations in Albania.

Basha said that "tourism issues, as one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis and pandemic, were the central topics he talked about with the leaders of the main tourism and hotel associations in Albania."

"With the wonderful nature and opportunities to make Albanian tourism competitive in the region, it is sad to hear that most of the tour operators operating in Albania are heading towards closure. The pandemic has been compounded this year by the annual problems of high taxes or lack of infrastructure. "The main tour operators expressed concern about the closure of the borders for Albania, which has led to the cancellation of bookings made for the month of July", he said.

"Zero support strategies for this sector from the government, zero exit strategies from the pandemic. This has made the situation even worse and is continuing to worsen every day. Although the postponement of the profit tax was promised, the operators said that the interest delays continue in the system. The loan deferral was not implemented, but they were restructured. Obtaining loans became impossible for many businesses, although according to them loans are not a solution, as many of them have other loans taken earlier and which in the absence of work are impossible to repay. "This situation must end as soon as possible, because otherwise it will have a devastating effect on the economy and unemployment, and in particular on over 200 thousand citizens, who today have work and survival directly related to the tourism sector," said Basha.

Further, Basha said that "with a clear plan, with priorities supported by fiscal policy, investment and funding, we will turn tourism into a major generator of economic development and employment."

"We will impose the flat tax 1 % and remove the fuel tax. We will establish a 1-year moratorium for all inspectorates and we will build a legal framework with European standards, for a European inspection model, with officials who serve the law "/ ATA



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