Balluku: Public transport to start operating, implementation of the package presented by the Prime Minister


The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku stated today that after the decision of the Technical Committee of Experts and the Ministry of Health, public transport can start working immediately, according to the approved protocols and already made public.

The statements were made during an activity held in the village of Bërxullë of Vora municipality, where Minister Balluku was accompanied by the director of the General Directorate of Road Transport Services, Blendi Gonxhja, to hand over the keys of the new house to the Alstafa family, e built in the framework of social responsibility by DPSHTRR.

The Minister reminded once again the measures that the Government is committed to take to support public transport companies, presented as a package by Prime Minister Rama about a week ago, and assured that work is being done with the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of State for Recovery, to enable other incentives for this sector badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

"The Minister of Health, my colleague Ogerta, has announced that public transport can now start operating, after the decision of the Technical Commission of Experts to ban this service. Of course this service was banned due to preventive conditions for the spread of the pandemic. From the moment that the experts say that this service can already start, but I believe that the experts have been driven by the high demand of all citizens, who have already started to show up at work centers, or take children to kindergartens and nurseries, "Thus, this transport had to start and operate", - said Balluku

"We have had different requests from the Transport Associations, as it is true that after several months blocked and without operations, the financial impact on their companies has been severe and we have consulted and tried, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and "Certainly with Minister Ahmetaj, who is responsible for all recovery packages, to find incentives that will support the sector to reopen," she added.

"We have said that one of the decisions that have been taken is the recognition of 100%, from 43% that was until a few days ago, of the expenses for the consumption of oil by the public passenger transport companies. We have also requested and sent to the Minister of Recovery the list of all employees of these companies, for whom we as the Minister have requested to be supported with the support salary, which has been given to other businesses, or other employees of various companies to date ", - said Balluku.

"One of the other points we have asked for is the support of the local government in this package of incentives, which is the exemption from the annual taxes of the local government until December 31, 2020," she said.

"The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy definitely supports and it is our duty in the field of responsibility, to try to accommodate these requests, certainly according to the possibilities of the municipalities, or the support packages that the Albanian Government has already allocated, to pass this phase. so difficult financially for many companies even many services. However, it must be understood that this is a difficult situation for all parties and we must go through this together, through dialogue and understanding ", - continued Minister Balluku.

"We are also working, in contact with the General Directorate of Transport, starting tomorrow, June 24, all transport lines, intercity, which belong to the Ministry of Infrastructure, but I believe the same the municipalities will do the same, start and operate. "But we want to say once again, what my colleague Manastirliu said and underlined that the protocols must be respected, which we have already made public", - said Balluku.

"None of the passengers can enter public transport vehicles without a mask. Of course disinfectants, or anything else that is part of COVID-19 spread prevention protocols, should also be provided. This is something very important. The Task Force will be on all roads in Albania, to check all entities if they are rigorously applying all the requirements of the protocols. "We must understand that resumption and return to normalcy is very important, but above all what is important is the life of each of us and therefore we must protect it by applying all these protocols," he added. she.

The Director of DPSHTRR, Blendi Gonxhja said that “an important element of the aid, which should be mentioned and which was a great help made to all operators, is the compensation of the TVMP tax, which is the annual tax of used vehicles, which is done for all vehicles 8 + 1. We have waited for everyone and we have zeroed every obligation for this year. "Those who paid before the pandemic for 2020, will have it discounted in 2021."

"So it is another aid package, while we are dealing with testing and free passage even outside the queue with the testing operator, so that we do not have a burden for the citizens, but we do not have a queue for the vehicles, which are large and that can occupy traffic. We are also working in the afternoon, we are also working on the weekends and there are about 2600 vehicles that have already been tested and are ready for tomorrow for this. So that's a help, all we can do. "If there will be cooperation, understanding and a spirit that we are one and the citizens are in front of us, whom we must serve, I believe that we will find solutions," said Gonxhja.

Minister Balluku added that tomorrow all transport companies will be in service.

"I am sure that all transport companies, even being themselves family, understanding very well the conditions, both of the citizens, but also understanding the difficulty, that all together both financially and psychologically due to the closure we have "They will show understanding and tomorrow they will be on duty, given that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, as well as the General Directorate of Road Transport Services are near them," said Balluku.

"We have tried to accommodate their demands and of course we do not forget to say one very important thing, public transport reform. Nothing is resolved today through actions, which are seeking to influence the return to normalcy or simply support for these companies. "For us, the deep reform in public transport is important, a reform that we have started in January to design," she added.

"Certainly with the delays created by COVID, but today we are closing the last details, which we will announce in September, to start implementation in early January 2021 and to turn this sector into a model sector , with full capacity to meet the conditions and criteria that public transport of a European country must have, but above all having in mind and having in mind the citizen, the quality that the citizen deserves even in this important service, "Essential and vital is public transport," Balluku underlined.




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