ARTE, a hotel built for your needs with luxurious interiors


"ARTE is an authentic, intimate residence, with a wonderful interior created by the minds and hearts of many talented people. We are grateful for the UNO studio in Tirana and the very talented architect Glon Bakalli and his team for the help and support during the process, said for "Star Hospitality" Rezarta Bytyçi, responsible for PR and marketing of Hotel Arte Boutique. With its location in the former Bloc there are a host of treasures to discover about this hotel.

Through this interview, Bytyçi welcomes us to discover the charm and unique character of this famous hotel.

What is the story behind the Arte Boutique hotel concept? How did you turn the existing building into such an elegant and luxurious hotel?

As global citizens, we have noticed how the art of hospitality has evolved and evolved around many European cities and beyond. Being constantly guests and witnesses of many different hospitality structures, in a business and on a personal level, we began to notice the difference between a quality and a non-quality accommodation. Our legacy of a country where hospitality has been and is an important value, as well as being part of this field for 25 years, has prompted us to be selective and unique about the best choices the world has to offer.

In large network hotels, you feel like just a number (no offense to large networks) while small structures have a more specialized staff to adapt and take care of the needs of each guest, which means despite this

the fact that the quantity of rooms varies from 20 to 40, the quality of service is usually always memorable. For the structure here you are not just a number, but an individual with personal characteristics and individuality as well as the flexibility of such structures provide an exclusive service. And if you are a regular guest, you become part of the family.

The existing hotel building was once one of many similar buildings in Tirana with the same history of origin, with the same architecture as the buildings built during the years 1920 -30 in Tirana by Italian engineers and architects. In order not to repeat the same cliché about that communist period of Tirana, in the former area of Bllok we decided to preserve a part of the city where we were born, unchanged. A building with only a few floors, Freedom-style architecture with good measures where the individual is the center of attention.

ARTE, a hotel built for your needs with luxury interiors 1

Can you share with us a series of facts about this Hotel? What makes the Arte Boutique hotel extraordinary in the landscapes of Albanian hotels?

ARTE is an authentic, intimate residence, with fabulous interiors created by the minds and hearts of many talented people. We are grateful for the UNO studio in Tirana and the very talented architect Glon Bakalli & his team for their help and support during the process. The building in which the hotel is located was originally part of only 60 villas built in the 1930s to create a New Tirana. With its location in the former Bloc, the villa has a host of treasures to discover. This popular hotel invites guests to discover the charm and unique character of its individually designed luxury rooms. The most unique element of the hotel is its duality of a view of the city in a very lively and busy street and area on the front facade and the view of a completely therapeutic garden at the back of the hotel. Using the greenery that surrounds us, they have placed our restaurant in the middle of the orange greenery style creating a secret garden. The hotel also features a beautiful Parisian-style café, which is transformed into a beautiful evening bar and a music bar of various genres by talented artists. Finally, our extensive Lounge and Tea Room exhibitions, where art collections of local artists are found that serve as a gallery that adds value to our interior of originality. The whole hotel brings gold in different fields, with very different atmospheres from one floor to another.

ARTE, a hotel built for your needs with luxury interiors 2

In your opinion, what are the features that position the hotel at the top of the luxury pyramid today?

Quality is our priority. Consistency in quality is our philosophy. The experience a guest gets at Arte Boutique Hotel is about paying attention to excellent service by not only meeting the needs of our guests, but offering more than they could ask for. The fact that it is the only hotel in the city that includes various hospitality exits which are individually unique and allows us to take pride in meeting global standards in our field. All facilities complement a range of offers and entertainment with unique dishes in our restaurant, beautiful, atmosphere and events at Arte Café & Bar, as well as quality music and nightlife with our Blue Bird Music.

Attention to service details as well as the character of the architecture, interior design and atmosphere are some aspects that help create the luxury and exclusivity of the place making it special. Especially for the Art & Fashion aspects. Our Tea Room and Lounge showcase the art collections of local artists we value, while many of our events are tailored for a fun lifestyle in the company of close friends; it could be for a modernized tea tradition or a well-deserved aperitif.

What is the philosophy of Arts for the near future?

We believe that we have already decided the future of hospitality in Albania by filling a gap in the market and leading that market to the next step of global trends. We aim to combine local and international experience, which is why we cater to a wide audience of different nationalities, who may be guests of Tirana or its residents.

We believe in innovative hospitality and entertainment and believe it is the right moment to show the city new ways to enjoy their time. At the same time we understand and appreciate intimacy and a pleasant stay for personal or business purposes therefore our rooms are thought to create the necessary comfort. Meanwhile our restaurant is a stand-alone oasis, a bubble surrounded by greenery and sophisticated healthy food. Despite an excellent investment and detail-oriented design, we stick to area prices. Everyone should be able to enjoy good quality food and drinks and fun, without spoiling the mood. We are to give you value for money.

ARTE, a hotel built for your needs with luxury interiors 3

What about guest preferences? Any trend of visitors?

Residents of Tirana prefer Arte Café and our indoor concepts of "Afternoon with high tea" and "It's summer time", happy hour as they are accessible and fun and perfect for summer outside. Needless to say for a coffee market oriented one the cafe is always well visited during the day. Particular attention has been paid by fashion-oriented and retail businesses and a number of personalities and celebrities for private, indoor and outdoor events, while the restaurant has shown that it is business-oriented to attract an audience that seeks the privacy of own and a good quality meal. Exclusive dishes for Restaurant Arte are a reason to visit the restaurant for a special taste that can not be found anywhere else.

Can you discover any of the food specialties and drinks that make Arts different from others?

Our cuisine is the combination of seafood and meat, a Mediterranean cuisine that offers the best flavors and aromas of the area, where each ingredient is carefully selected to be organic and not contaminated with pesticides. The fish is selected by experienced local fishermen from Vlora who give the best catches every day. Our fish supplier provides the best seafood products to fishermen on our coastline. While our meat has been selected by the oldest and highest quality butcher of Tirana, Edi and his sister Ida. We ensure the supply of fresh local vegetables from all over the area, from suppliers who devote months to their entire cultivation. Furthermore we have collaborated with a very talented Italian sommelier and blogger about wine and the appropriate selection for each dish. The menu was created and tested for two months for a better and selected taste.


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