"Holiday" architecture


By Junilda Karanxha

Architect and Head of office at “Archistudio”

New Year's Eve again… again!

For me personally it is the most favorite period of the year ohet A positive atmosphere is cultivated in the air which comes and increases while the countdown continues! I want to think that for most of you it is the same!

In fact, it is very clear that this is a collective emotion and it certainly takes on much wider dimensions than a country… it is a global phenomenon… so addictive (in the most positive way of saying) that it almost - almost competes for decorations!

“Holiday” architecture 1

The sensitivity of the architect to beauty is known, after all architecture shapes the human environment! But the privilege of the deceased of beauty and festives all have at the end of the holiday season, without exception! The almost -fascinating garment of ornaments magically wears architecture and creates new forms, new architecture dedicated to the holidays in the absolute! I take the first example that comes to mind… countless lights placed on the contours of a villa, on windows, roofs, doors, beloved figures of Grandpa on his sleigh, elves, deer, filling the backyard… .magic ! Fashion show with countless Christmas tree designs, from the most traditional to the most extravagant that can be imagined! 

I invite you to see the wonderful scenery dedicated to Christmas at the famous La Fayette Gallery… another dimension!

The annual tradition of lighting the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller New York is unmatched by the emotion it conveys!

"Holiday" architecture 2

As I said above, the race of the largest capitals of the globe is getting stronger every day, noting that in the end it makes you feel very good in such an atmosphere!

Of course we, in our little one are much more sensitive, in our beloved home, where we gather with family and good friends should not miss this atmosphere and therefore the decorations that accompany it! Certainly without going out of style of the house we live in as they are temporary decorations after all, let me suggest the trends for 2019!

Figures such as deer, polar bears, winter owls, swinging horses, mushrooms, and even the New Year tree itself can serve as a separate decorative 'character'!

Of course, glass balls are not missing this year either, but with the slight change of having a personalized texture in addition to color, concentric circles, rhombuses drawn on them, parallel lines, etc.

In terms of textures, many trends are soft and fluffy pieces, imitations of different fur, velvet pieces complement many decorative scenarios.

There are no combinations of art deco style where we see black combined with gold or silver, the novelty is the feathers, especially those of the pheasant in their original colors… both decadent and extravagant.

Architecture “on holiday” 3

For traditionalists, the advice is not to give up the style they love ... after all, the classic always remains a classic!

For naturalists and those who are more prone to nature, tree branches, pine bunches, combined with transparent or white globes, accompanied by other also white decorations constitute the perfect design for 2019!

The thing I say with conviction is that now more than ever we are moving towards the personalization of decors as well as many other elements in general in this period we are living, this as a derivative of the phenomenon of globalization!

All of these get value when done in family or among friends, together!

"Holiday" architecture 4

Everyone engaged in decorating the environment of the house, for example: While it is a little cold outside, the house is warm and there is a good smell of roasted chestnuts in the air!



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