By Junilda Karanxha

Architect and Head of office at “Archistudio”

The title of this article is not accidental, as we are in the month of feelings!

I would like to take advantage and bring a different form of interpretation of architecture, as dynamic as it is enjoyable I think.

Why is human emotion a very important factor when realizing architecture?

Because by managing to generate emotions, architecture reaches levels of almost poetic perception, that is, when it creates emotional connection with the individual, the message that is conveyed is experienced more deeply and lasts over time!


Just think a little ……

People do not read poetry, see plays in the theater or visit museums every day of their lives,… but they experience architecture in every moment of life! Maybe not observantly all the time, but in the subconscious yes!

Emotions are generated in a very natural way, whether positive or less… let… openly say, architecture is constantly under the pressure of human emotion!

But let us not forget that those who make architecture, starting from its fathers who sculpted it to the students of the first years, have the same sensitivity and experiences, even here tasks, professional ambition, personal sensitivity of a a range of other factors which are the fuel of the creativity machine!


Architecture has the sublime task that through the forms and volumes it creates to generate emotions in real time, inevitably, to everyone!

Having said that, I have tried to categorize architecture precisely in this sensitive perspective, to give color and shape to emotions.

-Adventurous architecture

“Honest” or brutalist architecture

-Peaceful architecture

Powerful architecture

-Lozenjare architecture




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