Fiscal Amnesty / Rama: We are working with international expertise, very soon a reality


Prime Minister Edi Rama has returned to conversations with followers on Facebook, answering questions from many fields. Among other things, the Prime Minister has stated that the fiscal amnesty will be ready very soon.

Attached is the Prime Minister's communication with the citizens:

Arben from Shkodra in the video sent to the address [email protected], states that “I have worked and lived in Italy for many years. In 2010 I returned from Italy. It has been about 3 and a half years since I opened a business in the field of Call Center. My business went into bandages where VAT and profit tax were removed. We thank the Prime Minister, as there is more money in our pockets. I heard about the fiscal amnesty initiative for people from emigration. "Given that I am one of these people, I would like to know something more concrete about this initiative?"

"Thank you for the kind words and I rightly believe, because I am aware that the relief for small businesses is really great. As far as fiscal amnesty is concerned, we are working closely with international expertise, with international financial institutions, as I am convinced that people like you, who have their savings in emigration, definitely those who return or who want to formalize them and 'invest in Albania their money earned through work. Patience, because as you know, from your work, good deeds take the time, effort and patience necessary to do well. Be confident that sooner or later, this instrument will be available to you and the good Albanians who, working, want to move forward abroad and at home ", said Rama.

Giuliano, a small business manager, asks the prime minister if there will be other business facilities. "Now tax 0, VAT 0, war salary we gave at the moment when you were completely closed, do not know what the government can do for you more, while you and we together have in hand to do something big to respect the rules and put on the mask, which will be mandatory after October 15, so that we do not close again. Now we are working hard to zero in on all kinds of checks and be completely free people and whatever you earn or bring to your home, it is very important to repel the risk of a massive infection that will lead us back to closure, there will life is very difficult for everyone… ", - Rama answers.

The Italian doctor who has been working in Albania for three years thanks the Prime Minister for the decision taken to reduce taxes for small business and abolish VAT. "

"Thank you friend. I am very happy that we have removed taxes for small entrepreneurs, and I hope that this, like you, will go to other Italians who have invested in Albania. We are brothers and we have the same bachelor, but the fact is that in terms of taxes, Albania is many times better ", - said Rama.

Among other things, the Prime Minister was asked about the second specializations for doctors. He added that this is a decision taken by the Senate and it is up to him to review the decision.

"The university senate has made a decision to focus on specializations related to the needs of our health system. When these needs became alarming after an absurd closure made by the previous government. The run to catch the lost time and in view of this lost time was taken and that decision. This decision will of course be reviewed when the university, its senate will find it reasonable and this will surely happen when the data of the needs and opportunities regarding the specialist doctors give the opportunity to reopen this issue ", u says the Prime Minister.

Also, Prime Minister Rama answered the question of an excellent student who has returned to Albania and is looking for a job.

“Jam Irini. I studied for a bachelor's degree in law school. I am one in four students with the highest grade in the entire university. I completed my master studies in Holland. Now I am back in Albania and I am trying to find a job. "I sent some applications and I did not receive a response", the student says in the video sent to the Prime Minister.

"Starting next week you will be part of the Ministry of Justice, within our program for the direct inclusion of excellent students in the administration according to grade and merit, not only when they have completed their studies inside, but also when they finish abroad. In the meantime, you will now be ready to apply once vacancies for a stable position in public administration are opened. I wish and hope that everything goes well for you. Success and luck definitely. "Meanwhile, together with you and others, we will continue to work to further strengthen the backbone of the state, the public administration," Rama replied.

When asked by an immigrant about youth employment, Rama stressed that “our public administration is a system certified by the European Commission as a reliable system of competition and meritocracy for all those vacancies where anyone who meets the criteria is invited to compete . We meanwhile are today continuing the application of a new program for excellent students can enter and work in public administration based on the evaluation they have received from the university and through a specially set up digital structure that makes their selection according to the countries of work and according to their requirements ”.

"There is still a lot to do to establish the merit in the foundations of the functioning of recruitment in the Albanian state, but the steps taken are extraordinary compared to not many years ago and here I mean not only public administration, not only competitions for administration, excellent student program, but I also mean teachers who entered the job only through the competition and the digital teacher platform for Albania. "Doctors and nurses who are not recruited on merit and not according to party or affiliation," Rama said.


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