Normative Act / ALL 800 million for the Ersekë-Leskovik road


The Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj has announced that the Normative Act provides for a fund of 800 million ALL, financing from the state budget for the road Ersekë-Leskovik.

According to the decision, the road Ersekë-Leskovik will have a length of 42 km and connects the city of Erseka with the city of Leskovik being the main connecting artery of Southeast Albania from Tepelena - Përmet - Kolonjë - Korçë in the movement of vehicles, residents, goods, etc.

It is an area with beautiful scenery and is the only road connecting the inhabitants of the villages of Kolonja with the city of Erseka and further with the area of Korca.

The investments made in this road date back to the years 1975 -1980. In the following years, in the framework of maintenance, certain segments were covered with asphalt, works of art such as tombino, retaining walls, bank construction, metal protective placement, signage, etc. The existing road is highly depreciated. The width of the existing road segment (asphalt width) varies from 4.5 ml - 5 ml.

Reconstruction of the Ersekë-Leskovik road aims to improve regional connectivity and facilitate accessibility to the tourism potentials of the Korça and Gjirokastra region, expanding the region's tourism offer and increasing the opportunity for sustainable regional economic development. The reconstruction project will aim to improve the quality and safety of road traffic while maintaining the existing road footprint.


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